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Mitzi & Randy Pennington introducing M&R Falabella Miniature Horse Stable (MRF) featuring purebred Falabella miniature horses in East Freetown, MA.  Our foundation herd was purchased from Toyland Falabellas International in Round lake, IL.  Our goal is to breed sound, conformationally correct horses in miniature with great beauty, fabulous color and loving dispositions.  We tend towards Arabian type with appaloosa and paint coloring.  Our horses are raised with love and great care at our home acreage.  We seek forever homes where our horses have purpose for showing, as breeding stock or the family’s joy.  Each horse is handled every day and are our pride and joy.  See our videos for each mare, stallion and foal. All our horses are triple registered in the following registries: FMHA (Falabella Miniature Horse Association) FMHA (American Miniature Horse Association) and AMHR (American Miniature Horse Registry).   All foals are sold with their temporary triple registration papers. 


Love of Horses

My (Mitiz) love of horses started with my first pony (Princie) at age 5 and grew into part-Arabians and from there to raising American Saddlebreds.  My father and grandfather’s love of horses ensured my four sisters and I had that part of our lives filled with memories of all-day trail rides with both mom and dad, or just my sisters riding together with friends.  Only thing was you had to be home before dusk or grounded you were from your best friend (Prince and later Gabi).  Yes, I was grounded a few times but not many as being around horses was what I lived for.  My love grew with the neighbors raising purebred Arabians-happily we attended the horse shows to watch with them.  I had the bug and soon after English Saddle seat lessons, (prior to that bareback was the only way to go), I was showing my own purebred Arabian gelding.  During college I was introduced to the American Saddlebred and with help to purchase a young mare began my American Saddlebred horse raising years.  We raised and showed futurity colts in the American Saddlebred world for many years-spending a few wonderful years at the World championships in Louisville, KY (only to watch).  I trained and gave riding lessons to keep my horse business running.  My career as a pharmaceutical plant site director then took the lead and for many years after my children had grown I was horseless.  Well, on one of my career moves, my husband and I purchased a lovely log home with a beautiful barn.  I began to get the itch again but knew that the work with the full-sized horse was beyond what time I had to spend in the barn.  Luckily my husband loves animals and was willing to help me.  I came upon the Falabella after reading a book that featured them.  I was curious and once I had done my homework and visited Toyland Falabella International breeding farm I knew the Falabella was what I wanted to raise.  In the fall of 2015 four beautiful, tiny weanlings -all under 40 pounds, came to live with us.  It has been a joy to see them grow, learn and mature.  MRF After Midnight is our first colt and we are very proud of the journey we have taken to produce the quality and disposition he processes.  Come visit the beginning of our legacy for the Falabella bred.  

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